Friday, February 15, 2013

Holy House!

It's been almost two and a half weeks since my last house post and SO much has changed in that time.  The last pictures that I shared were taken on 1/25 and at that point the roof was framed, but not enclosed.  Imaging our surprise when we showed up the very NEXT day and saw this...

There were some pretty cold days that followed (yes, it was winter in Nebraska after all), but that didn't seem to slow the builders down.  Before we knew it they had the windows placed and the house wrapped! 
 One week later the siding was going up and the roof was prepped for shingles.
 And as of today we have this!

Everything has progressed so quickly thus far, and I have to keep reminding myself that at some point it's going to slow down.  Next week they are scheduled to start working on the interior workings of the house (plumbing and HVAC), and then we will meet to do our electrical walk-thru.  I would love to hear from people about "non-traditional" places that they have outlets/wish they had outlets (ex: an outlet in the walk-in closet so that I can keep an ironing board there).  Anyone??  Thoughts??


  1. We have an outlet at our kitchen bar (counter seating) and we love it. It's a nice place to plug laptops in at and be comfortably sitting at the counter without the cord strung through the kitchen.

    1. Good one! We actually talked about how nice that would have been in our last house and I totally forgot about it. Thanks!

  2. For me, an outlet in the floor of my living room would be nice. I love to face my loveseat toward the fireplace and put my sofa table behind it. Oh how nice it would be to have an outlet there in the floor to plug in a lamp. Also, multiple outlets outside around the perimeter of the house is always nice; especially when doing outside decorations for holidays. Have fun!

  3. Outlets for the Christmas lights on the roof. It is AWESOME!!!

    1. Then I have to worry about my husband falling off of the roof!

  4. It's a great advantage to have a contractor who follows the time frame in the construction plan, regardless of the weather. Not only do they save time in the whole process, they also help you save money for labor pay, without compromising the quality of their work. Can't wait to see the final outcome!

    Mary Martin