Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SO SO SO Close!

The amount of progress that has been made at our new house in the past week is pretty astounding.  Having said that, though, it still feels like there are miles to go before things are "move in ready."  There are less than two weeks to go until our big closing day and I'm having moments of scepticism that things are going to be done in time!  Must.Stay.Positive.

The kitchen is getting closer.  We finally have countertops but are still waiting on cabinet hardware, fixtures (light and plumbing), and 3 of the 4 appliances. 

Matt and I knew that we wanted a pretty farmhouse sink, but also knew that they are significantly more expensive than a standard one (EEK!).  Our solution?  For the past 2 years we have totally skipped gift giving.  No birthday or anniversary gifts.  No Valentines.  Very small Christmas gifts with strict spending limits.  Sometimes we find ourselves buying gifts for the sake of buying gifts...with this approach we both got something we really wanted that will be with us in this house until the end of time!

Wood floors were going in on Tuesday when we stopped by.  We had some unfortunate mis-information about the price of our original selection (they ended up being DOUBLE what we were told)...but I really think it was a blessing in disguise.  Our round 2 selection is perfect!
Our pretty staircase just waiting for a carpet make-over.  In true last minute form, installation is scheduled for the same week that we close.
A rainy, rainy May/June has really held up the progress on the outside of the house.  We're "patiently" waiting for concrete, sod and sprinklers (EEK!), all of which need to happen sometime in the next 10 days.  On Tuesday the sun finally decided to come out and they were finally able to get our deck started. 
 And today when Matt went out to mow, they had started painting!
We're getting so close now and our excitement about the new house is really making us antsy to get out of our rental. Now that the rain has stopped and the weather is warming up, we've been spending lots of time outdoors.  This little explorer loves crawling through/eating mulch, throwing the ball for our beagle, and splashing around in water intended for his puppies.  He's going to absolutely LOVE all of the wide open space at the "farm."

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