Saturday, June 29, 2013

Books for Charley {2013} - Round #1

I'm baaa-aaack...and insanely behind.  Behind on unpacking boxes.  Behind on getting our internet hooked up.  Behind on birthday posts, party planning and 12 month pictures of Harrison.  Behind on most everything.  I'm trying not to let myself be overwhelmed by it all, but life sure feels crazy right now! 

I'm going to try to play "catch up" here on the blog over the next week or so, and thought that the PERFECT place to start was with a Books for Charley update!  We're not quite ready to make our Omaha donation yet, but we've heard word from a couple of our heart friends that have made their big drop-offs over the last few weeks. 

First up was our buddy Mason in South Carolina!  Earlier this spring, Mason's mama Neysa noticed that things seemed a little off with her little heart hero.  He's been going in for more frequent check-ups to keep an eye on things, and they've been told that another surgery is likely in his future.  Through all of this, plus a nerve-wracking heart cath, Neysa still wanted to help with Books for Charley.  I assured her that it was ok to bow out...but her response was that the books were a sort of distraction amidst the worry-filled days.  What a blessing to have this family as a part of our support system, and to be a part of theirs in return.  You can click HERE to read about their donation to Mason's local cardiology clinic.  Thanks to their family (and all of those who donated to their collection), 84 books were donated back in May!
The next donation was made by Logan and his family in my home state of Iowa.  If you remember, Logan is one of the newest kiddos to join Books for Charley.  I had such a good time watching the whole collection process through his mom's blog posts and Facebook updates.  They even inspired the idea of an Amazon Wish List to make donations easier (Thank you, Stefanie!) All that I can say is, you Iowegians really know how to rally in support for a cause!  A few weeks back Logan had a cardiology check up and they were able to drop off 167 books to the Pediatric Cardiac Cath Lab at The University of Iowa Children's Hospital.  Stefanie recently posted about their donation on their blog and included LOTS of awesome pictures of her kiddos putting stickers on the books.  Click HERE to see them all! ( favorite part of the post is when Stefanie quoted Logan saying "Awww, Little Charley!" while they were stickering them.  What a sweet little boy she has on her hands!)
A big HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to Mason and Logan's donations this year.  We are strangers to 99% of you, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to give you all hugs!  I cannot thank you enough for helping us honor our little girl and for celebrating our BRAVE heart friends in the process!

Two donations down, and lots more to come here on the blog!  Later this summer we'll be hearing from our friends in Michigan, North Carolina and Texas, as well as our California donation.  Such a fun time of year!

South Carolina - 84 books
University of Iowa Children's Hospital - 167 books
Total - 251 books


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