Monday, July 15, 2013

The Cow Says "MOO"

I'm so super behind on updates these days.  Life has been a little crazy around here lately with the move, getting settled, re-claiming control of our 3 acres, work and birthday party planning (excuses, excuses)...not to mention the fact that our internet still isn't hooked up!  All of those things combined translate into less frequent updates on what's happening here on the homefront.  I'm determined to remedy the post at a time!

Two weeks ago we celebrated Harrison's birthday at home as a family of 3.  Can you believe he's already a year old?!  That night we stuck a candle in a brownie, sang happy birthday, and sat back and laughed as our hungry hippo inhaled his sweet treat.  That brownie didn't stand a chance!  It was a very low-key celebration...but special none-the-less.

Yesterday we were finally able to celebrate our little guy in style.  We invited friends and family out to the "farm" to Party 'Til the Cows Come Home.  There were 4-wheeler rides, a yummy summer spread, lots of goodies, and most importantly...lots of birthday love for the guest of honor!

Party 'Til the Cows Come home!
 What's a birthday party without a little (or a lot) of sugar??  We had our favorite sugar cookies from Bianca's Creative Cookies and lots of Oreo-spiked cupcakes.
Something tells me that by this time next year, these boys are going to be quite the trouble makers!  Harry had so much fun with his buddy Mason and cousin Benson.
Once again, NamNam came through with an AWESOME birthday shirt! 
We moved Harrison's birthday cake outdoors and gave him free range.  He was a little hesitant at first, but once he figured out that cake = yummy, there was no stopping him!
A quick dip in the sink!
All cleaned up and ready to go!

Last night after the house had quieted down, Matt and I settled in and talked about how "perfect" of a day it had been.  These are the days that we have longed for for so long.  Days where our house is full of the noise of family and friends.  Days where we can sit back and watch our kiddo play with his cousins and make new friends.  Days where we don't have to load up our car at the end of the day and drive for 3 hours.  We're finally "home" and so excited for the days months years to come.

Here's to many more birthday celebrations with our sweet little boy!

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