Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend was a busy one for the Ritchies.  

We started out with a Friday afternoon wagon ride.  Harrison's cousins, Jack and Owen, were nice enough to hand down their awesome Radio Flyer and H absolutely loves it!  Its a pretty bumpy ride out here on our gravel drive, but that just adds to the fun!  

On Friday night we went on a special dinner date with the Ritchie crew at B&G's...  
 ...and followed it up with a quick dip in the pool.  This little boy LOVES the water!
 Benson wasn't quite sure about the whole swimming thing, but lasted long enough for us to get a couple pictures.  These two boys totally melt me!
 Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day and we took full advantage of it!  H decided to take a 3 hour morning nap (all that swimming wore him out) so Matt and I got lots of yard work done.  After lunch we loaded up the car and made our first family trip to the Omaha zoo.  We got a membership for Christmas and are so excited that we're finally close enough to use it! 

While we were there, we made 2 very special stops.

After she earned her wings a donation was made to the bear family in honor of our "Charley Bear."  Holding true to their name, they were all about lazily lounging in the sun.
We also got to see Charlotte's butterfly up close and personal for the first time.  Its located in a beautiful garden right below the butterfly house.  Perfect.
Harrison's favorite part of the trip?  The snacks.
On Sunday we stayed a little closer to home.  We made one quick trip to the most beautiful church near our house.  I've driven past the Holy Family Shrine on the interstate a million times, but have never been up to really explore the grounds.  The building and surrounding gardens are BEAUTIFUL. 
Our original motivation for the visit was to get some ideas for Charley's Garden.  Mission accomplished...I could only hope to plant something 1/2 as beautiful as this!
After our little outing, we headed home and enjoyed another beautiful day.  The afternoon was filled with walks, lawn mowing and wagon washing.  A pretty perfect Sunday, if you ask me!
We're not normally an "always on the go" type of family.  We like our down time, our home time, our slow down and enjoy our days off time...but this weekend was a perfect exception!  Here's to many more adventures for me and my boys!

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