Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One, One...and SO Much Fun!

Today as I write this post (a few weeks late), our sweet Harrison Paul is 1 year 21 days old.  That count is bittersweet for a couple of reasons.  1) It is proof that out little boy is becoming less of a "little" boy and 2) I can't help but keep track in my brain that he is now 5 days older than his sister was when we were forced to say good-bye.  I wish I could stop keeping track of those milestones, yet at the same time, I appreciate the reminder.  It helps me keep my priorities where they need to be.  Encourages me to stretch out our bedtime routine and to snuggle a little bit longer.  Helps me laugh when, in reality, I want to pull my hair out!  Our first year with Harrison, much like that with Charlotte, seems to have passed in the blink of an eye...yet I'm confident in saying that not one single moment has been taken for granted.  I know that each moment, each snuggle, each tantrum could be the last.  And while I feverently pray that I get to celebrate countless more years with my baby boy, I need to remember to enjoy the here and now....with my big boy 1 year old.


If I had to choose one description of you as a 1 year old, it would most definitely be "Mr. Personality."  With each passing month I find myself saying "this month was totally my favorite"...and month 12 was no exception.  You are a constant source of entertainment (HUGE show-off) in our home and are always making us laugh.  Your giggles/shrieks are contagious and it has been so fun watching you grow into the world around you.  You speak a language all your own, love to watch videos of yourself, and have a new-found love for playing peek-a-boo over the top of the ottoman. 

While you're still not walking, you ARE getting more and more brave on your feet everyday.  You'll stand unsupported and walk along furniture (or with the help of a finger), but are wise to the fact that you are much faster on your hands and knees.  With places to go and people to see, who's got time for walking?!

You're a big fan of the outdoors and have been known to try to escape out the back door when we let the puppies out.  If we catch you in the act and try to stop you...boy oh boy, do you make your frustration known.  Luckily we finally have grass and outdoor adventures have gotten a little easier/cleaner (though you're still a mess 90% of the time)!  Boys will be boys!
This might be one of my favorite "pre-grass" moments. 
Always exploring, even when the hard ground hurt his little knees!
Month 10, month 11, month 12....you still love to play catch!  I'm pretty sure we could throw away all of your toys and just have a ball or two in the house to keep you entertained.  Whether you're playing fetch with the pups, catch with daddy, or simply throwing/chasing the ball by yourself, balls have proven to be your favorite.

What else, what else...I feel like you have changed so much in the past month and I don't want to forget any detail!  You continue to eat like a piggy (a very non-picky piggy), weighed in at 23 pounds at your 12 month well-visit and wear mostly 18 month clothes (with a few 2T thrown in the mix...EEK!).  You're holding steady with 2 bottom teeth, but have a big ol' top one that's been threatening to break through for a few weeks now.  You transitioned into the new house better than we could have hoped for, and have been sleeping like a ROCKSTAR in your new room.  You love to make spitting/farting noises (again, all boy), and its not uncommon to hear "Da-da-ppfft" come out of your little mouth...followed by a huge grin to let us know that you know you're being silly.  Lovely.
And he's done.  This may have been the most challenging photo shoot to date!
We love you sweet Harrison and cannot wait to see what your future holds.  I'm sure that it will be filled with exciting adventures....and lots of dirt! 

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