Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Sweet Sugary Paradise

As a general rule, my husband Matt is scheduled to work every 3rd weekend.  He sneaks out in the middle of the night, making his 45 minute commute to Lincoln for a 3AM start time.  Yuck.  He works his little tail off all morning, and since he's technically on call all day long, he doesn't head back our way until mid afternoon.  If he's lucky, he can squeeze in a little nap before dinner and an early bedtime before he has to do it all over again. All that I have to say is BOOOO to working weekends (and also a big thank you to Matt for working so hard for our family.)

Work weekends have given me a whole new level of respect for single mothers...especially now that we've added a newborn into the picture.  It doesn't help that my sleep is still pretty interrupted with Max, that the boys like to nap on opposite schedules, and that the weather has been less than stellar on most occasions.  It should come as no surprise that I'm always looking for ways to fill our days and keep us all entertained.

Enter Saturday morning "nonut" dates.

What better way to start our weekend, get us out of the house, and kill a little time than with deliciously sweet pastries?  I know one little boy that won't argue with our new tradition!
While it was a perfect outing for a Saturday morning, I did learned a few valuable lessons on this inaugural date.

#1 Never ask a toddler if they want donuts for breakfast.  They will think that there are donuts waiting for them in the kitchen.  Then when you tell them they need to put their shoes on, they will inevitably melt down.  No matter how many times you tell them that you have to go in the car to get said donuts, the meltdown will continue.  In H's case, there were tears and lots of pointing to the kitchen crying "NONUTS! NONUTS!"  Lesson learned.
#2  PJs are totally acceptable attire for a Saturday morning "nonut" date.  As a matter of fact, if you wear anything other than your jammies, people might look at you funny and think that you are way too much of an overachiever.  It's Saturday morning, after all.
#3 A carton of milk from a donut shop is way overpriced.  Note to self: Bring sippy cup. 
#4 There is some sort of donut wall of fame going on in the picture above.  I need to ask for some details...and I need to get me and my boys on that wall!  Coolest. Mom. Ever.

Here's to a future full of "Nonuts" with my boys!  

**Max came on our date also...but Harrison told me that he's too little for "nonuts."  

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