Monday, March 17, 2014

Brotherly Love

Harrison transitioned into the role of "big brother" much better than I think Matt or I could have ever hoped for or imagined.  Yes, there have been a few one-sided screaming matches as he tries to eclipse the cries of his baby brother, but for the most part, his jealousy seems to be quite minimal.  Instead, we have seen a very caring and protective side of H emerge.  He started smothering (sometime literal smothering!) Max in kisses from the first day we brought him home, greets him every morning with a "Hi Max!", and giggles whenever Max sneezes.  He's also a skilled burping assistant, comes to the rescue when Max is upset and is known to fight off the kids at school who swarm his brother's carrier at the end of the day.  And while I'm sure that we'll have our fair share of of brotherly disagreements (!) along the way, I know in my heart they are going to be the best of friends.


H is big on giving his brother kisses these days.  He leans in, makes a "Mmmmaaa" kissing sound, and then looks at us and says "I nice!"  
Yes baby boy, you are nice...and oh so sweet!

I'm so in love with these sweet little boys.