Monday, March 3, 2014

Maxwell Thane {1 Month}

Sweet, sweet baby Max,

Happy 1 month baby boy!  I thought that the months passed quickly with your big sister and brother...but WHOA, this first month with you seemed to come and go at lightening speed.  The first few weeks were admittedly a little "messy" as we struggled to find balance with a new baby and a sick (bigger) baby, but I think that we maybe, kinda, sorta have things figured out now that everyone is healthy.  And while life definitely feels a little more hectic than it used to, you have been the perfect addition to our little family.  I can't imagine our world without you!
Home Sweet Home:  Of all three of our children, you are the only one that has spent your first month in our HOME.  Big sister Charlotte spent her first month in the hospital, and big brother Harrison was welcomed "home" to a rental that we had only moved into 3 days prior.  It felt so good to carry you through those doors knowing that some day you'll look back at this place with so many (hopefully fond) memories.

Weighing In:  At your 2 week appointment you still hadn't made it back to your birth weight.  You tipped the scales at 7lb 10oz.  Needless to say, we're getting plenty of use out of your newborn wardrobe!

Brrrrr:  Your first month in this world has been a cold freezing one, and while it's been nice to have an excuse to cuddle in front of the fire place all day long, your mama is starting to get a little stir crazy.  I'm constantly daydreaming of the day when we can head outside and "air out" after a long winter.

Clean as a Whistle:  As I mentioned in a previous post, you are all about bath time!  You love to have a nice warm wash cloth draped over your belly and water poured over your little head.

ZzzzZzzz:  Other than a few times when you seemed to have your days and nights mixed up, you have proven to be a pretty decent sleeper (~3-4 hour stretches at night + good naps).  You prefer to sleep on your belly during the day when mom can watch you like a hawk, and are snugly swaddled in your bassinet at night.  Our sleeping arrangements are a little goofy at this point...your big brother is in his crib in your future nursery, and you are in a bassinet in his big boy room...but we'll get things straightened out eventually!

3 AM:  Party time
3 AM:  You guessed it...Party time
Party all night.  Sleep all day.  Thank goodness that was short lived!

Time to Eat:  I have 2 words for you.  POKEY EATER.  Don't get me wrong, you love to eat, it's just that you take your sweet time doing it.  Maybe we were just spoiled with your big brother who was all business when it came to a bottle.  With you we can count on a good 45 minutes to polish off a 3 ounce bottle. 

Finding Your Voice:  When you're happy, you're happy....but when you're mad....hold on to your hats!  For such a little guy you have an insane set of pipes.   And while we're on the subject of noises, you are a squawker just like your sister was.  Her's was pretty much all of the time, but your's is mostly when you are eating.  Our pediatrician blames it on you still working on your suck-swallow coordination and a little bit of laryngomalacia.

Brotherly Love:  My favorite part of this month has been watching a sweet relationship develop between you and your big brother Harrison.  You are too little to realize it just yet, but holy moly, does he love you.  He loves you SO much that we have to keep a constant eye on his so that you don't get smothered!

Other happenings this month?  You watched slept thru your first super bowl, met lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, peed into your own ear, connected your fingers with your mouth, discovered your lust for a pacifier and are quite impatient.  

Our world is so much sweeter with you in it, Sweet Max.  

When you are baby #3, you end up getting your 1 month picture taken in your big brother's chair.  Mom got sneaky and Photoshopped your name onto it, though...that's got to count for something, right?!  Oh, and thanks for spitting up on yourself right before I snapped the picture.  That was awesome.

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