Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ultrasound Update

This morning Max and I headed down to Children's Hospital for an ultrasound of his hips.  Our little froggy did SUCH a good job and let the ultrasound technician get some really good images.  Truth be told, he did better with the whole thing than his mama did!  At one point the tech said "I'm going to go get another technician to look at things and then we'll have the radiologist come take a look as well."  A feeling of panic started to build in my chest as my mind flashed back to the ultrasound where we found out about Charlotte's heart.  In our previous experience, "I'm going to have the doctor take another look" generally means "uh-oh....something isn't right here."  Luckily, that wasn't the case today and I'm thrilled to be able to say....


Mr. Max playing it cool during his scan.  
He wasn't necessarily a "fan"of the whole thing, but was a trooper none-the-less.
 Max and his new best friend - the paci. We aren't really pacifier people, but when Max's head was on the verge of explosion in Target yesterday I frantically tore open the package in the baby aisle bought him one.  Holy crap was he mad.  I think God was trying to prepare me for today's appointment because that little sucker made things go pretty smoothly.

So what now?  We've been told that Max's froggy legs will eventually straighten out - that we just need to give him some time.  After all, he was scrunched up in my belly for months and months - he might need to same amount of time to stretch!  We'll keep an eye on his "click" at our well visits, but there shouldn't be any cause for concern.  Such good news!

Ribbit.  Ribbit.

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