Wednesday, February 19, 2014

*Sniff* *Cough* *Sneeze*

Poor Harrison has been sick--we're talking pink eye, stomach bug, fevers, an ear infection, terrible diaper rash from antibiotics and a nasty cold--for over a month now. Thanks, new daycare.  He's never really been sick before, and boy oh boy, has it been rough on all of us.  While we have been catching glimpses of our happy-go-lucky little boy here and there, every day has felt like we are walking a tight wrong step (or glance, or word) and everything comes crashing down.  We know that this new "volatile" personality is a result of feeling like absolute crud, but after 5 weeks of BLAH it's proving hard to keep our cool...especially since we welcomed a newborn into the world right in the middle of it all.  Hello stressful!

Just when we thought that we were leaving the "sickies" behind, Harrison spiked a 102+ fever on Friday night...not exactly the "hot date" I was planning on for Valentine's Day!  The fever was soon accompanied by a nasty sounding cough and a constantly runny nose.  Poor babe.  Poor mom and dad.  Poor anyone who has to come in contact with us!  We hunkered down for the weekend, hoping to ride things out without killing each other going totally stir crazy.  

Today is Wednesday.  The fevers have been gone since mid-Monday morning.  Sleep is still interrupted by coughing spells.  His nose is still red from all of the wiping. it seems like we are seeing some light at the end of this dark (and long) tunnel.  My morning greeting was "Hi, Mama!" instead of tears and a bear chucked at my face.  He actually ate breakfast.  He played with cars and blocks and actually let me change clothes without totally melting down.  Now that I think about it...he didn't utter the word "NO" all morning long.  That's gotta be a sign, right?!

We broke out the Play Doh on Saturday afternoon in an effort to distract H from his misery.
In and out.  In and out.
Even daddy got in on the action. 
My two yahoos.
I spy a happy boy behind those glassy eyes!

Here's to the start of a healthy stretch for all of us.  Bring on SPRING!

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