Monday, April 7, 2014

Sink Baths

Anyone who knows our sweet Harrison knows that he's not one to ever turn down food...especially when it comes in the form of a snack.  So two weeks ago when we started getting head shakes, screeching and continual "NOs" at the mention of breakfast, lunch and dinner, our minds immediately flashed back to mid-January when he got his first ear infection.  Lucky for us, we already had a 2 month well-visit scheduled for Max, and we were able to drag Mr. H along with us to get a quick peek into those ears.  It's never a good thing when the first words out of your pediatrician's mouth are "pretty awful."  Ugh.  We tried one antibiotic, hoping to avoid Augmentin, but when he developed fevers 2 days later, it was obvious that we had to change things up.  Apparently Harrison's ears really like Augmentin.  His bottom, however, does not.

Hello diaper rash.  Hello tear-filled diaper changes.  Hello heart-broken mama.  Hello Good-bye baths. 

Yes, you heard me.  Good-bye baths.  This kid 1,000% flat out refuses to take a bath when he doesn't feel well.  Throw in a very red/sore bottom and the matter just gets uglier and uglier.  We've learned to choose our battles and resort to some pretty half-hearted wipe downs until our normally water-loving kiddo returns.  This time around we made it through a good, solid week of stink accumulation, before this mama decided that it was time to get creative (translation: time to trick our kiddo into taking a bath.) 

H hasn't had a good ol' fashion sink bath since his first birthday, so just imaging his excitement when I stripped him down and plopped him into his new "tub."  No fears, that bottle scrubber got a bath of its own when all was said and done! 

I miss that grin when he's under the weather.  Welcome back, happy boy!! 
That there is a look of pure orneriness!  I believe this was about 2 seconds before he discovered dumping water onto the floor.  And about 5 seconds before I shot him the evil eye.
I'm thrilled to report that all seems to be headed in the right direction in the Ritchie house.  We had a long 2 weeks of various illnesses, but the smiles have returned.  The kids (and sheets) have been washed and the toys are next in line.  Now if Mother Nature would just give us some warm sunshine so that we could air things out a little!  We're so over winter and all of the "ick" that it brought to our house this year. 

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