Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Four "Bs"

Harrison, Harrison, Harrison. You are quite the character these days. Always entertaining. Always a goof ball. Always amazing us with your "smarts" and keeping us on our toes with your attitude. You love to be outside. Love to explore. Love to love on your little brother. And while you become more of a "big boy" everyday, your mama swears that you will always be her baby.

While making a list of some of your favorite things these days, I noticed that there is one thing tying them all together.  So without further ado, here are a few "Bs" that simply scream Harrison!  

{Banana Bread} A current favorite that you request no less than 10 times a day. First thing in the morning. In the car after school. Mid-bath. Mid-cry. Dinner time. You name it. Thank God for Grandma Debbie and her freezer full of homemade loaves (and her willingness to share!)

{Bed Head} You, kiddo, are long over due for a haircut.  This morning we were rocking a modernized "Flock of Seagulls" look!

{Buzzi-buppers} With a new house going up next door and a borrowed skid loader in our garage, there is lots of talk of buzzi-buppers (translation: bulldozers) filling our walls. You're definitely getting your fill of big trucks and construction sites these days and with a view from our dining room table, you can get your dirt "fix" while eating your banana bread. Pure little boy bliss!

{Basketball} The NCAA basketball tournament may have started in March, but basketball "Madness" took over our home way back around Christmas when your grammy got you a hoop of your own.  We play basketball every day and you get just as excited whether you make a basket or not.  If you miss, you simply smile, say "a-mose" (almost), and try again!  We spent a lot of our winter watching our Creighton Bluejays on TV and even took in a few of your cousin's games.  I have a feeling that you'll be trying to play with the big boys in no time!

Banana bread, bed head, buzzi-buppers and basketball...yup, that pretty much sums things up. Mr. Man, you make this mama's heart sing.


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