Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Potty "Twaining" 2.0

There was a late addition to the Ritchie family summer bucket list - and while it wasn't the most exciting in terms of process, I have to say that it was by far the most rewarding to mark as COMPLETE!
With big brother out of the house on some pre-planned adventures, Matt, Max and I hunkered down on the farm with the main goal of becoming a DIAPER FREE household for the first time in over 4 years.  Potty training - sounds like an awesome summer bucket list item, right!? Way more fun than waterparks and popsicles, right!? Saturday morning started out with sleepy tears on the big boy potty and an accident not 5 minutes later on our carpeted staircase (which is conveniently located between 2 areas of wood flooring that would have been much too easy to clean). It was a morning filled with ups and downs, but we were pleasantly surprised with how Max picked up on things. We wiped away a few little boy tears that fell as a result of the tiniest dribbles in new Paw Patrol "underpants," but honestly spent most of the morning celebrating victories large and small.  There were prizes, and snacks, and more juice than any 2-year-old should probably drink in the span of a week...none-the-less a day! 

Shortly before lunch on day #1 Max had an accident.....
.......and {drumroll}.....he hasn't looked back since! 
No accidents Saturday afternoon (because accidents that happen while playing in the sprinkler don't count!)
No accidents Sunday.
No accidents on Monday at daycare.

I'm absolutely beside myself and SO proud of our determined little boy.

 Maxwell Thane, you are a potty training SUPER STAR!

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