Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Boston...

Not really up for typing but wanted to fill in everyone who has been waiting for some word from us. We got the call from Boston and it wasn't what we wanted to hear. There will be no Boston or in-utero procedure for the Ritchie family. I'll give details of "why not" a little later once things have had time to sink in.

As much as we said "we aren't going to get our hopes up..." we did...at least I did anyway! We'll be ok, though. As I'm typing this I have a little one kick boxing away in there. It makes it kind of hard to be too down in the dumps. I think that she's trying to tell me she's a fighter through and through!


  1. Little Miss Ritchie IS a fighter and she has lots of back up with a great mom and dad! Love you all very much!

  2. Not the news we wanted to hear. You are two very strong people and you have lots of people there with you in prayer. Lots of love to you!!