Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heart Update

Well today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant! I have a crazy feeling that from here on out time is going to fly by.

We had an appointment with the cardiologist (Dr. Sami) this afternoon with a repeat echo. Things are looking pretty stable with our little heart. There haven't been any significant changes from the echo that they did prior to the potential Boston trip (other than the fact that our little girl is growing and wanted to kick the little doppler device around!) They were able to get better views of the heart than they had in the past. I think that as she is starting to get a little more cramped in there, they can keep her in one position longer! Dr. Sami did say at one point that she has a "beautiful" aortic arch. This has absolutely nothing to do with the defect, but it made me smile!

So once the echo was completed and we discussed what he saw, discussion turned more toward the planning phase of things. Once a month Dr. Sami does a cardiac conference with the physicians/surgeons at Children's in Omaha. They just did this on Monday of this week, so it will be another 4 weeks before he can take our case back to that group. He will get their opinions on the most recent scan and will get back to us at that point. While he doesn't think that there will be any emergent issues immediately after birth, he still feels most comfortable with us delivering at Children's. Matt and I couldn't agree more. So the plan is for me to be induced in Omaha at 39 weeks unless their is a difference of opinion at their next conference. After she is born they will start a drug called prostaglandin to help maintain blood flow through the heart. They will also do a cardiac cath to get a better feel for what is going on within the heart and surrounding vasculature. From there...everything is up in the air.

On a totally different note (one you could probably care less about but might be slightly entertained by)...I came home to a kennel full of dog poo this afternoon. This hasn't happened since the first day Stella was in her kennel all day. Why did it happen then, you might be wondering....


Yesterday while we were in the front yard enjoying the beautiful weather, out sweet little angel dogs found a box of granola bars and helped themselves. The vet assured me that there wasn't enough chocolate to harm dogs their size, but warned that they might have some "digestive issues." Between Stella poo and Maybe hacking up Kudos wrappers, I hope they learned their lesson. I think that they are testing me to prepare me for motherhood!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the news on our little heart! She's a fighter!!
    Oh my, those little doggies are something else. Yep, they are getting you prepared for the little girl's blow-outs....I'm so excited for little blow-out stories!
    Have a great weekend. I'm going to Vegas with girlfriends...the boy's are on there own! It will be a Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and basketball weekend!

  2. Ok, make that "their" own!

  3. With a smile Ben says, "Aunt K has a big tummy. God picked a little girl to be in there." Glad you are feeling well and sorry your my nieces are dip shits! :) I'd rather clean baby poo than dog poo. Good luck with that! Have a great weekend!