Monday, March 22, 2010

OB appointment

Well, today I officially had the last of my every 4 week OB visits. I will be 30 weeks along on Thursday and from now on I "get" to go in every 2 weeks for a quick check. Like I said before, these visits are always quick and easy!

Weight gain: Right on track, not too little, not too much.
Belly measurement (uterus): 29" Apparently this is normal
Blood pressure: Good as always
Baby's heart rate: 142 beats per minute. At all of my other visits its been in the 160s, but Dr. Berdahl says that she's still in good range. I think that when it comes to anything heart related, I'm just a little paranoid!

Had my glucose tolerance test last week and found out today that I passed with flying colors. No gestational diabetes for this girl. I celebrated by eating a bowl of ice cream and some gummy bears.

My cardiology appointment is on Thursday afternoon and Matt and I are both hoping that we will start discussing how things are going to play out come May. I think that some sort of a "plan" would help ease my mind and it would be nice to at least have some idea of where we'll be and who will be delivering our crazy little monkey!

Not much else to report on the baby front. The little one continues to beat me up from the inside, but I welcome every round house kick and karate chop! I tried to describe the feeling to Matt the other night, but its just beyond explanation...totally creepy and weird, but at the same so incredible and satisfying. I've felt great so far but can tell that I'm starting to slow down a little. Matt got me a prenatal massage for my birthday so I'm thinking that this weekend I might pamper myself a little!

Keep the prayers coming for that little heart of ours!


  1. Great report! You are ALWAYS in my prayers!!!! Those karate chops and round house kicks are the'll miss them when they are gone. Like I always have said, "I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!" Maybe I should become a surrogate since Brad says we are good with three. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! Take care and tell Yolanda I say hey! Love, Aunt Lindsey

  2. Funny you called her Yolanda...thats her given name at work. Yolanda Goeser. We'll call her Yogi for short! I'm giving her the last name Goeser because that's how my loving husband filled out my census papers. What a dork.

  3. Sending prayers for strength and healing. This is such an exciting time. Glad you are feeling so good!