Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Thursday

Well...its finally here. We're loading up the car shortly and heading to Omaha for Charlotte's cath tomorrow morning. They were able to bump her into the first case of the day, so now instead of 10:00 she'll be at 7:00. I am glad to get it over with earlier, but not so thrilled about the 5:30 AM arrival time!

Not much else going on here. I thought that I would make today a picture day as I'm a little too distracted for much else...

Charlotte LOVES bath time....and her eyes just melt my heart. And on a side note, DOESN'T HER CHEST LOOK AWESOME!?!?!? You can hardly see her little zipper!

The other night I decided to pick on her a little and tortured her with some goofy pictures.

Can you tell that I'm just trying to keep my mind occupied lately?????

I will update when I can, but its hard to tell what the weekend will have in store. We've been so blessed to have a fairly uneventful 6 months at home, it will be strange having to be back in the hospital. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing and we'll get some good information about what's going on in that crazy heart of hers. Until then, please keep Charlotte, Matt and I in your prayers!

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  1. Those photos of Charlotte couldn't be any cuter! What a sweetie. Thinking about you tomorrow and keeping you in our prayers that things goes smoothly and you are back home fast!
    Jen & Gracie