Thursday, December 16, 2010

Words of Wisdom #3

Never underestimate the importance of good personal hygiene.

Charlotte had a bath last Wednesday night.

Thursday night we were in Omaha and had lots of visitors before her big cath. Day 1 with no bath.

Friday night she was in the PICU and was sooo sleepy. I told the nurse to just skip the bath and we would just do it after we were discharged the next day. Day 2 with no bath.

Saturday night we were stranded in Whiting, IA because they closed the interstates. Day 3 with no bath.

Sunday we were finally home. I decided that we were just going to wait and do a bath before bedtime. Charley was disgusting. She still had stickers on her face that they used to hold her O2 in place. She had run her food covered fingers through her hair. She was a grease ball. Day 4 with no bath.

(Ok, I may have messed her hair up just a little bit to exaggerate my point!)

Sunday night...BATH TIME! Finally back to our sweet smelling, clean faced little lady!


  1. She sure cleans up pretty! I needed a good laugh today!♥

  2. Oh my I enjoyed this post! No matter how gritty and grimy she is...she still looks good! Love our little Charley Bear!