Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Bumpin {28 Weeks}

Dear Mister Baby Ritchie II,

Can you believe that as of TODAY we have officially spent 28 weeks together? Sick of me yet? Tough luck if you are--even when you are alive and kickin’ on the outside, there’s no getting rid of your CrAzY Mama!

As you and I start our THIRD trimester together I wanted to make sure to post a few things about trimester number two. I feel like I haven’t had a whole lot to update on with this pregnancy, which I suppose is a good thing!  And while I don't have all of the "medical stuff" to document like I did with your sister, I still want to make sure that I don't forget all of the fun little things.

-You are most definitely a night owl. My bedtime seems to be your prime time for bustin’ a move, you are ALWAYS going strong when I get up for my 3am bathroom break, and I'm awakened each morning by some crazy tap dance routine. No wonder you sleep all day with so much activity at night! Let's just hope your whole day/night issue doesn't stick around for too long. Repeat after me little guy, “Sleep all night, play all day. Sleep all night, play all day.”

-You're a big fan of 90s hip hop...particularly Warren G’s Regulate. I had XM 90s on 9 on in my car one day while waiting in line at the carwash and when this song came on you went NUTS!

-If the old wives tale that “Heartburn = Hair” holds true (much like it did with your sister) you are going to be born with hair down to your toes! Tums and Zantac are now officially a part of my daily routine.

-Silly me, I gave up candy for Lent without even consulting with you first.  I'm pretty sure that you're glad Lent is over!  HELLO PEANUT M&Ms!

-Sigh…I’m totally going to out myself on this one…but I suppose that this blog is all about memories and honesty! If I lay on my right side for too long, as soon as I sit up I am capable of belching like only a burley mountain man should do. Never had that problem with Miss Charlotte so I’m guessing it’s a boy thing. You apparently want to show off your manliness from an early age!

-I’ve got a progressive case of baby brain! My newest thing is ASSUMING that all faucets, soap dispensers and doors are automatic. Sometimes after I use the bathroom at home I will find myself just standing at the sink waiting for the water to come out. Oops…not automatic. God forbid I actually have to turn the water on by myself!

-You have an innate sense of when Mama is sad. REALLY! You do! It’s almost like you start stirring to remind me of all of the blessings in my life. And you know what? It works. Your sister used to do the same thing when I would get sad about her sick heart. It’s almost like my kiddos know to keep a close eye on my heart from the inside!

Here is Mama when she was 28 weeks preggo with your sister.  
Talk about a big ol' yellow belly! 
This is a perfect example of why pictures are being taken from the OPPOSITE side this time around.  My forehead is just about as big as my belly!
And now for the YOU shot!  You're officially 28 weeks and growing like a weed!
Only 12 weeks to go Mister!  Or if you decide to be like your sister, it could be 9!  Yikes...I suppose I should do some baby laundry or something.  
Or find a place for you to sleep.  
Or buy some diapers.  


  1. How sweet, yes, time to start getting ready, that is the FUN part! Wow you carry high mama! Hope you are feeling good.

  2. Wish I looked as good as you when I was pregnant. CUTEST bump ever!