Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My weekends are usually filled with extreme amounts of laziness. I sleep in (well…kind of. I usually have a baby dancing on my bladder by 7:45 or so), lounge on the couch, do a little cleaning if the mood strikes…nothing too terribly exciting. I always hear mom’s making the comment “if only there were more time in the day!”—I can’t wait until we have our little baby boy in our arms so that we can have that feeling back.  I miss weekends with my little girl - no work, no daycare, just family time and lost of snuggles.

So anyway, in stark contrast to my normal leisurely weekends, this past weekend was CrAzY busy. Matt and I spent a few days back in Omaha with family and friends and in a span of three days managed to squeeze in lunch with friends, a visit with Charlotte, a baseball game, a baby shower, 1st communion and a remembrance service at Children’s Hospital. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t have to wrap the weekend up with a 3 hour drive back to Sioux Falls. This mama was SLEEPY!

I will eventually share pictures and some details from Mister Mister’s shower, but it will have to wait until my sister gets back home from her vacation. She took all of the pictures on her camera and with everything going on this weekend, didn’t have time to get them sent out before their 6AM flight to the Dominican Republic on Monday morning. I’ll give her a pass this one time!

For today I will leave you with a picture from the Creighton game that I went to on Friday night. I was lucky enough to get to help celebrate a very special someone’s 13th birthday with Matt’s family.

Matt had to work that day and didn’t make it down in time for the game, but did get there brownies and ice cream afterwards (isn’t that the most important part?!)


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