Monday, July 16, 2012

Books for Charley {2} - ANOTHER donation!

After three whole weeks of living in the dark ages, I'm thrilled to report that the Ritchie's FINALLY have the internet!  Okay, so we both have smart phones with limitless online capabilities, but sometimes its nice to just sit down at a computer with a full keyboard to type these blog posts.  PLUS, now I can upload lots of the pictures that have been just sitting here begging to be shared with all of you!  Those will have to wait just a little longer, though, because my post today isn't about Mr.'s a Books for Charley update!

I'm still trying to figure out when we are going to make our last (and biggest) donation of the 2012 collection...schedules kind of got shaken up a little with the move and a baby, but I assure you that we will be placing the last of our stickers and making the final delivery sometime very soon.  

Since I don't have any book updates on the Nebraska front, today I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to three very sweet (and very adorable) little girls...Reese, Sage and Brynn.  Back in January I got the following message from their mom, Sara...

"My youngest daughter has an undefined immune deficiency which can make her more susceptible to illnesses that have resulted in a few hospital stays in isolation. During those weeks we would receive toys from the hospital for her to play with and for her sisters when they visited. It was so touching and I knew that I wanted to find some way to give back. Not long after that Books for Charley was started and I knew this would be a perfect way. So in lieu of gifts for my daughters birthdays we asked the families to donate a book in honor of Charlotte. In Dec Brynn turned 2 and yesterday Reese turned 4.  From their parties we have 75 new books that we would like to donate to Books for Charley.  We will have another batch this summer after Sage's birthday but I couldn't wait that long!!"

I was so incredibly honored when I got this message and was again reminded of just how many people continue to hold our little Charlotte close to their hearts.  Heck, I'm sitting here right now with tear-filled eyes just thinking about it.  Rather than have them pay to ship all of those books to South Dakota, we decided that it would be easiest to send them some Charley's Heart stickers and to make their donation to the hospital that they themselves had spent lots of time in...again allowing them to "give back."  Just today I woke up to find another message from their mom...

"For each of our daughters birthday parties we asked families to bring a book donation for Books of Charley in lieu of gifts. The response was amazing!!! The girls received a total of 93 new books that we will donate to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and 33 gently used books that we took the local donation store. Thank you so much for letting us participate and honor Charlotte. Here is a picture of the girls and the new books - Left to Right is Reese (4.5), Sage (6), and Brynn (2.5). The girls were so excited to help put the stickers on the books and kept talking about how these books are going to go to babies to make them feel better while in the hospital."

I have looked at this picture about 100 times today, and each time the smile on my face grows a little bit bigger.  I mean really, how cute are those little grins?  I absolutely love the excited looks on their faces!  Thank you so much Guyer family for including our little Charlotte into not one, but all three of your beautiful little girls' special days. 

For those of you keeping track....

Aly, Claire and Mason donations = 572 books
Sioux Falls = 340 books
Atlanta donation = 126 books

TOTAL books = 1,038 books 

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