Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Books for Charley {2} - Meet Shea!

I was cleaning out my inbox the other day and came across another Books for Charley story that I have been meaning to share with all of you...this one courtesy of a special little girl named Shea!  I "know" Shea through my mother-in-law Mary and while we have never officially met, I've heard lots of stories that have totally melted me!  She has apparently taken quite the liking to our little Charlotte and loves looking at pictures of her with her mommy, Wendi!

Miss Shea celebrated her birthday in early May and asked her mom if they could collect books for Books for Charley at her party.  Now keep in mind...Shea just finished kindergarten.  How many kiddos her age do you know that would make such a generous request for their birthday!?  This little lady has a  HUGE heart and we were so excited that she wanted to include Charley's Heart in her special day. 

I don't know what made my heart happier...that big box of books or the super sweet grin on Shea's face!

Thank you SO much Shea for helping us collect all of those books!  I'm sorry that I had to miss your party but was sending you lots of HAPPY BIRTHDAY love on that day.  You are truly something special!

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