Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Holy house progress!  I stopped out to take a quick walk through the house on Saturday afternoon and almost fell over when I saw how much work had been done since I had last been there. I knew that things would get a little more "real" once we had actual walls, but wow...who knew that a girl could get so excited about drywall?!   

Future kitchen and open dining area with sliding door leading to the back porch.  
A head-on view of our future kitchen.  I'm already daydreaming about what our first home cooked meal will be (and who will come over to cook it for us!)
I can't wait to sit at our new and improved dining room table (more on that another day) and look out these window at Charley's garden.  The light in this house is incredible!
Front door - Office to the left, stairs to the right
Scared of heights?  Then don't come over to our place just yet!  They had to take the make-shift railing down while they were dry walling and now its just a big, open death trap.  The two doors in the picture lead to the guest bedroom (right) and Harry's eventual big boy room (left).
Master bedroom...zzzzzzz....
 I still have to laugh every time I see my closet.  Maybe we'll turn it into an income property to help lower our mortgage--any takers?  
Another view of the front door with the office to the left.

The official house calendar looks pretty busy for the next few weeks with cabinetry, trim and wood floor installation.  Before you know it, it'll be moving day (any volunteers?) and we'll FINALLY be settled in our home sweet home.  Those brand new walls of ours are going to hold so much love! 

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  1. Once again, I think you can get away with calling that closet of yours a sewing room, even if only because you are storing that machine there. Thanks so much for showing us your lovely new home. Only one problem--it makes me want to build a house SO bad! But seriously, I can't wait to see the end result!