Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maxwell Thane {4 Months}

Four months have passed since we welcomed "Baby Max" into our family.  On one hand it seems like yesterday, yet at the same time I feel like he's been here forever.  Our transition to a family of 4 (+1) was relatively seamless and we feel so blessed to have yet another little boy keeping us on our toes.  

Here's whats been going on in your world this past month, Mr. Max!

ZZZZzzzZZZ:  Mr. Max, you are a total rockstar when it comes to sleep.  You are consistently in bed between 7-7:30 and most mornings we don't hear from you until 6.  When you wake, mama usually comes into your room, changes your pants, gives you a bottle and PUTS YOU BACK TO BED!  Yup, you go BACK to sleep until it's time to go to school.  Its a fantastic little routine.

NomNomNom:  Your hands are constantly in your mouth.  You chew on them throughout the day and usually suck them quietly as you fall asleep at night.  It makes for a whole lot of slobber, but it's pretty adorable slobber.

Lazy Bones:  You still aren't rolling over.  Front-to-back.  Back-to-front.  It's all just too much work when you know someone will eventually get you to where you want to be.  

A Big, Big World:  You're definitely starting to pay closer attention to the world around you.  You are mesmerized by your puppies, adore your big brother, and absolutely love to people watch.   As you soak in more and more of your surroundings, we're starting to see the sweetest little personality emerge from you.  You are quick with a smile and love to tell us lots of stories.  

Summer lovin':  We've been spending lots of time outside now that the weather has finally warmed up. You seem to love the change of scenery after being cooped up all winter.  And while you spend most of your time camped out in the shade, you still get the benefit of some much needed fresh air.  You're still trying to get used to the whole double stroller thing, but when the stars align (good nap/full belly), you really seem to enjoy yourself. 

Stats:  Mommy still needs to schedule your 4 month well-visit (where does the time go?!), so I don't have any "official" updates on height and weight, but its pretty obvious that you're growing like crazy!  You are rockin' some awesome thigh rolls these days, along with a double chin that traps all of your drool.

MishMash:  You For not rolling, you've sure figured out a way to move around your crib.  Most days I find you with your face smooshed up against the crib rails.  You have quite the grip....which you love to test out on my hair.  Speaking of're is finally starting to fill back out.  No more old man hairline!  

Our 4 month pictures proved to be the most challenging to date.  Max doesn't quite have the strength to sit up on his own, but has enough to propel himself sideways/forwards.  I attempted to take them when Matt was at work one day, and quickly realized that I was out matched.   I couldn't move more than a foot away from him...and at one point he may have somersaulted out of the chair.  Thank God for my cat-like reflexes!  You love your jump-a-roo (or as big brother says "jumpin' in da roo") and to play with your moose.

That smile...!
The reason behind the somersault.  Why bring a giraffe to your mouth when you can take your mouth to the giraffe?
And down we go!  Feet are such a distraction.

Happy 4th month little guy! 

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