Monday, June 9, 2014

Three of a Kind

Charlotte was 2.5 months old before we were able to get our first set of professional pictures taken of her.  She was in the hospital for the 1st month, and then came home with a wound vac on her chest that made photos a little...well...unsightly?  By almost 3 months, though, she was all healed up and ready to go....and my oh my were we all blown away when we first saw the beautiful images from our session.  The one below quickly became a favorite.  It captured her signature "serious" look, he AMAZING eyes, and hello?  Do I even have to mention the hair??  And look at that little curled finger!  My heart is melting.  

Candace Ann Photography, Sioux Falls

After Harrison was born, I knew that we needed to keep with the tradition of the simple black background shot, and hoped that his "headshot" would capture his personality as well as Charlotte's had.  The kid didn't disappoint!  He flashed us this perfect open-mouthed grin that just screams Harrison.  It just proves that this little boy has been a total ham since day 1!

Amanda Fish Photography, Omaha

And then there was Max.  Sweet, sweet Max with his poor thinning hair, adorable little ears and the sweetest smile ever.  We had to work HARD for those smiles on the day of his session, but looking back on the pictures, it was worth every silly sound and goofy dance.  They turned out SO SO SO good and this picture is 100% Max.  

Samantha Lupo Photography, Omaha

Our 3 kiddos.  All strikingly similar.  All uniquely their own.
This mama has a proud, happy heart.

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