Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tubes for the Win

Two weeks ago Mr. Max had his first ever trip to see an ENT. He'd been struggling with a stubborn ear infection since before Thanksgiving, and after 2 courses of oral antibiotics and 2 Rocephin injections we decided it was time to take the next step. Our new friend Dr. Edmunds confirmed with relative ease what we already suspected...fluid in his left ear, lots of fluid in his right.  They didn't appear infected at the time, but his snotty nose and watery eyes told us that it was just a matter of time.  

The following week, just 5 days after our initial ENT visit, we were able to get our sweet boy on the surgery schedule at Children's for bilateral ear tubes.  We woke up early, and with a little help from the best friend ever and Grandma Debbie, got one boy to the hospital and one to daycare without a hitch. (Thanks ladies!)  

We checked in at the hospital at 7:30 and then camped out in the CARES unit for about and hour and a half before it was go time.  Maxo did amazing with the wait.  Despite being tired, hungry and a little suspicious of his surroundings, he was a very happy boy.  We snuggled, sang songs, had a visit from our good friend Natalie, and before we knew it it was 8:50 and time for surgery.

A short ten minutes after they carried him back for the procedure, Dr. Edmunds was back in the room to tell me that Max was in recovery (just a little different than the times we checked into Children's for open heart surgery!)  Max did great. Dr. Edmunds told me that his ears were pretty angry looking when they got in there, and she was surprised at how content he seemed despite it all. Typical Maxo...feeling crappy but keeping his cool.  They were able to clear out all of the yucky goop and successfully placed a tiny tube in each of his tiny ears.  We snuggled some more, downed some apple juice, and were on our way home before 10:00.  

One week has passed and I'm THRILLED to report that our sweet Maxo is doing amazing.  The impact on his hearing was apparent almost immediately.  Our quiet little boy with the plugged up ears is suddenly full of babbles, giggles and squeals. And while he's always been content...even when he felt like crud...his HAPPY, GOOFY personality is finally able to shine. 

Congratulations Maxo!  Here's to happy and healthy ears in 2015!

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