Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Gingerbread House

The week before Christmas we decided to up our game a little and get serious with establishing some holiday traditions.  Early on Thursday morning while little brother napped, Harrison "patiently" sat by and watched with amazement as the little house pictured below took shape.  He was mesmerized...mostly by the frosting.  

"Mama, I need dat frosting."
"Mama, squeeze that frosting on my tongue."
"Mama, let's go find dat frosting."
"Mama, that MY frosting."

All day long.
 Later that evening once the kitchen had been cleaned up from dinner, we finally sat down to put a little "bling" on our little cookie house.  
 If you look closely at my face you can see me doing my best to reign in my OCD.  
Easier said than done.
 This little guy cheered us on from the sidelines.
 He also sampled the frosting for us just to make sure that it was safe to eat.
 "Mama, take a picture of the frosting in my mouth!"  Goofball.
 Once he figured out that the frosting eating ban had been lifted, his focus shifted away from decorating.  He may have licked the roof at one point. 

 And there you have it, our first ever Ritchie family gingerbread house in all of its perfectly imperfect glory.  

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