Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Shower

This past weekend I packed up and headed down to Omaha for a baby shower thrown by my lovely sisters. I hadn't been back to see my family since the end of January, so it was a much needed trip! Nothing like a day full of family, friends, yummy food and adorable little baby gifts! Thank you again to everyone who came to help celebrate our little girl. Most of all though, thank you to Jill, Angie and Lindsey for putting together such a wonderful day. Angie, I wish that you would have been able to be there. You were missed!!

The Goeser Ladies (minus Angie)
Me with Matt's aunt Deanna, sister Kristen and mom Vicki
Me with Matt's step-mom Mary and sister Kristen
Looking at books with my niece and helper for the day, Aubrey
Just before this picture she said to me "You weigh a little more than you used to!" THANKS!
Baby bump at just over 32 weeks!

While I was busy baby-showering, my oh-so competitive husband was having a boy's weekend. After 2 days full of frisbee golf, ping-pong, bowling, golf, etc. he earned the title "Supreme Master of the Universe." Needless to say, the trophy below will be staying in the garage! Its the most disgusting, tacky thing in the world, but he was soooo proud of it!

Thank God I was in Omaha while this was all going on!


  1. The most beautiful trophy ever!!! Tears still flow when I see/talk about it.

  2. Wish I was there to win it.....