Monday, April 19, 2010

STUBBORN Little Miss Ritchie

Well, its official. I'm done with every 2 week visits and and bumping it up to WEEKLY! CRAZY!

I had a routine visit this afternoon with Dr. Berdahl. Everything continues to go smoothly! They decided that they wanted to start doing weekly non-stress tests (NSTs) which proved to be interesting. Basically they put 2 monitors around my to measure the fetal heart rate and the other to check for contractions. They got a baseline rate and then had me drink some OJ and eat come crackers to get the little lady moving. Healthy babies will respond with an increased heart rate during movement, and the heart rate will decrease at rest. They want the heart rate to increase by 10 beats per minute for 15 consecutive beats. Wouldn't you know that our child would make it 13 beats and then drop back down...REPEATEDLY! If you don't "pass" the test, then they want you to go for another scan so that they can monitor fetal activity. The catch in my situation was that it was just past 5:00 and the maternal fetal medicine office was closed. That meant that I would have to go to the hospital labor and delivery unit. Lucky for me, after almost 45 minutes the little stinker finally cooperated and held an increased rate for 15 full beats before settling back down to her baseline. THANK YOU LITTLE MISS!

Also, today was the day that Dr. Sami (cardiology) was supposed to have his conference with the doctors at Children's. Hopefully we will hear from him in the next few days and we can start moving forward with our delivery plans and any appointments in Omaha between now and then. I'm trying to be patient!!

Not much else new here. We are trying to get as many little projects done around the house as we can before the big day. I can't believe that I'm already approaching the 34 week point. A little over a month and we'll have a baby!!

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  1. I'm getting excited! Have you made your lodging reservations? :-)