Monday, April 26, 2010

One step closer

All that I've wanted for the past who knows how many weeks was to have some sort of an idea of our plan of attack to bring our little miracle into the world. Now that we are getting closer to a plan, I've decided that it would be best for everyone if I just kept her inside all to myself where I know that she is safe and sound! Perpetually pregnant??? Maybe not.

I got the long awaited phone call from Dr. Sami's office today. When I saw their number on my caller ID, my stomach did a little "jump for joy" as I knew we were finally going to be moving forward with things. I was given the phone number of a perinatologist at Methodist (Dr. Bonebrake) and was told to call and make an appointment with them within the next couple of weeks. One phone call later and we were set to go with an appointment on Thursday...yes...THIS Thursday (apparently he is going to be gone all next week and they didn't want to keep pushing things back).

As soon as I hung up the phone, my stomach stopped its happy go lucky routine and just sunk. Everything is starting to become a whole lot more REAL, and as excited as we are for this big day to finally be here...there is a constant looming fear that accompanies it. You anticipate for your life to change after having a child, but there was no anticipating the road that we have been chosen to travel. There was no anticipating that such a happy moment in our lives could be so unsettling and frightening. We've known about her heart problem for about 20 weeks, and personally, that much anticipating has been enough for me!! Now the official countdown is starting for Little Miss Ritchie makes her grand entrance into this world.

So back to our appointment... unfortunately work is very busy AND short-handed for Matt right now, so I will be making the trip on my own. Lucky for me, my mom and sister have both offered to come along with me. I'll drive down Thursday AM and my appointment is at 11. After that we might actually have an expected arrival date for our little lady!!

I forgot to put up at 34 week picture last week so we'll go with 34.5 weeks instead! Focus on the belly part...not the "end of the day, no make-up face" that I have going on!

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  1. I'm thinking about you guys and that little girl everyday, everything will be just fine. Stay positive. Maybe she will have a baby topay as well. Not sure if I spelled that correctly.

    Your friend Clay