Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pretty girl

Today was the first of my every 2 week visits with my OB. Once again, it was nothing super eventful, but nice to know that everything is progressing right on track. It just never gets old hearing that little heart beat. I go in for one last ultrasound and a final visit with the cardiologist in another month and then we're about 3 weeks from induction--assuming there is no change of plans or a baby who wants to come early! As impatient as her mommy and daddy can be, it wouldn't surprise me!

On another note, I was looking online at one of my favorite websites Etsy.com and found some super cute baby headbands. The pictures that they had on the site made them too cute to pass up. I put an order in and got my package yesterday.

I needed a model to get the full effect...

Maybe might not look like she was thrilled, but I think that deep down she felt quite pretty. Haha...I was lucky enough to get her to cooperate for 2 seconds while I snapped a picture!

1 comment:

  1. Too cute! Wish Little Miss Aubrey liked things in her hair. Good for you for starting early! :) Love you!