Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 2 month birthday, crabby pants!

So today I found myself wondering, can the terrible 2's possibly be referring to 2 months rather than 2 years?!? I was all excited to have a Mommy-Charley 2 month birthday party today, but someone wanted nothing to do with it. The first eight hours of our day were filled with crying, screaming, a blueberry baby, fighting with bottles, spitting up what she did eat and MAYBE an hour of sleep. This is totally not my little Charley who usually only cries when she is sleepy! We've been trying to add formula into her all breast milk diet, and after being doused with projectile spit-up for the second time today, I'm convinced that she's just not having it. Maybe we need to ease her into it a little more slowly? I'm hoping thats the case any way.

So, rather than a cute 2 month picture with her all dolled up in the clothes that she can FINALLY fit into, we get a picture of her cashed out on the couch...finally asleep.


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  1. We love our "Crabby Pants"! Happy 2 month birthday Charlotte!