Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our "One-month-aversary"

Today is a good day. A day to be thankful. A day to feel extremely blessed. Today officially marks 4 weeks...ONE WHOLE MONTH...since Charlotte and I got to come home to Sioux Falls. I can't believe how quickly time is passing! It has certainly been a busy month for us, but life is good and Charlotte is doing better than I could have ever expected. She is eating like a champ, officially crossing the 7 1/2 pound mark, and sleeps now for 4 hours stretches at night. We are still getting her up to eat, but most nights she's already wide eyed by the time my alarm goes off. She is doing so well that if it weren't for the medication, daily weights and O2 sats, I would probably forget that there was anything wrong with her! Like I said, life is good. We are thankful. We are blessed.

While our little Charlotte continues to amaze us with her strength on a daily basis, there are kiddos and families out there currently struggling through their heart journey. I follow a number of these families through blogs like our own or through Care Pages and this past week I came upon a particularly hard one. Its about a little boy named Luke who was born with hypoplastic left heart. His short life has been a roller coaster thus far and its been said that he needs a miracle to pull through. As I read the words of his parents I am amazed by their strength and unwaivering faith. The following is a little blurb from their blog that I could totally relate to and I couldn't have put it any better...

"He is the most perfect little baby. I keep picturing what he would look like with all of those tubes and wires off of him and what it would be like to be at home with him right now. I think of his nursery and bassinet sitting beside our bed and sitting at home on the couch with him in my arms. I think of how things should be - and it breaks my heart. He is everything I ever dreamed of and I would give anything in this world for him to be a perfect, healthy little boy. I know that we are going through this for a reason and that God is in control but when you sit where we sit every minute of the day watching nurses do everything they can to save your baby's life - it really begins to wear you down. I wish that I could be the mom that I always dreamed of being to Luke right now. I wish I could change his diapers and sit up all night and rock him to sleep. I wish I could just hold him and tell him its all going to be okay. I know God chose us for this and I have a real peace inside, but that doesn't mean that our hearts don't hurt."

Please keep this family, and all families out there with sick children in your prayers. We hope and pray that some day soon, they too will be celebrating their "One-Month-Aversary" at home.

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