Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Words of wisdom #1

What better use for this blog than to pass on stories and advice to our little girl. We are planning to have http://littlemissritchie.com made into a book at some point so that we can go back and tell Charlotte her "story" when she's old enough to understand. I hope that by reading our words and the comments left by others, that she will realize how special and loved she is.

Up to this point I have just used this site to share my thoughts and to update everyone on the happenings in our lives. Today, however, I've decided to use it as a place to leave little words of wisdom for Charlotte as she grows. Some may be silly, but I thought that it would be fun.

Words of Wisdom #1: Always make time to dance in the kitchen.

Ever since Matt and I got our first apartment together 4 years ago, we have been kitchen dancing. It usually starts out with a hug while making dinner, and the dance part just kind of happens. Sometimes we sing. Sometimes we hum. Sometimes we just dance in silence. Like I said, its kind of silly, but a kitchen dance can always lift my spirits. Charlotte and I had our first kitchen dance this weekend and I took the opportunity to give her some advice...I let her know that if she ever meets a man that won't dance in the kitchen with her, he probably isn't worth her time!

Here is a new picture of Charlotte. We had a pediatrician appointment yesterday. She topped the scales at 7 pounds 11 ounces (3%) and was 21 inches (10%). Dr. Elliott is pleased with how she is doing and doesn't want to see her back until her 4 month well visit!


  1. I am so full of wisdom I do not even know where to start! Ha! There were two things that came to mind while reading this post....

    #1 - Always say your prayers before bed! We always recite the Angel of God prayer with the kids and then sign off with "love you, sweet dreams, God bless you and keep you". It's a perfect way to end your day!

    #2 - Take time to listen to music as a family! We always have Dance Party USA! Jacob, Ben & Aubrey LOVE it! It's a fun way to get a little wild and show your silly side. Uncle Brad is a great DJ and will get the party rockin'! I'd love to take Charlotte to her first concert!

    Love you all!

  2. My advice is to sit down to dinner together as much as possible. During dinnerwe go around and everyone shares their "favorite part of the day". The kids love it and we do too!

    And ending the day with a prayer they can memorize (and add to on their own if they want) is wonderful too!

    Love you,
    Erin Albers

  3. Cela and Tanner both have a "song" that is I gave them as infants. As babies I would dance with them in the kitchen-we still does this but now they sing with me! They both know when it is their song. I love it-I am often teary eyed knowing that I will one day dance at their wedding with their song playing in the background!

    Cela's song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

    Tanner's song: Beautiful Boy by John Lennon