Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A busy end to summer

Where to begin...

We have been quite busy since the last time I posted so please bear with me if I ramble!

Last Thursday marked our very FIRST family vacation! Charlotte had pretty much been confined to our house or doctors appointments since we brought her home so it was nice to finally get away for a while! We loaded up the car on Thursday afternoon and headed to the Niobrara river to spend a few days with NamNam and PopPop Ritchie. Its amazing how much more "stuff" it takes to go away for only 2 days now that we have Charley! In addition to both of our golf clubs, we had a stroller, bassinet, a cooler for breastmilk and Charley's medications...the list just keeps going! By the looks of the car you would have thought we were going somewhere for at least a week. Charlotte LOVED the "fancy" Hilltop Lodge Motel and slept through the night both nights that we were there...

While at the river, Charley also got to meet her Great Grandma Delene and Great Grandpa Stan. They were back from California and were so excited to finally meet their first great grandchild.

We headed back to Sioux Falls on Saturday afternoon and got settled in before the start of a busy Sunday. My sister Lindsey and the rest of the Rockow clan had been in Minnesota with Brad's family for a week and made a pit-stop in Sioux Falls on their way home. It was a quick visit but we were so glad to see them! The kids hadn't had the chance to meet Charley yet so we were very excited.

Then, on Sunday night we had a VERY SPECIAL VISITOR! My sister Angie made the trip from Oklahoma City to FINALLY see baby Charley again. She made a quick trip back when we were in Omaha, but that was when Charley was less than a week old. She hadn't even gotten to hold her yet!! Needless to say it was a very anticipated reunion. Charley was so excited to meet a fellow redhead and she would just stare and Angie and grin. We got in lots of good play time and took LOTS of pictures to remember the visit. Angie had to head back today and it was sad to say goodbye. Matt and I are thinking about possibly going to visit her and Doug in October. They could babysit while we go to the Nebraska/Oklahoma State football game!

Here are some pictures of our past couple of days!

Aunt Angie got LOTS of grins!
Maybe was probably the most excited to see her Aunt Angie!
Care to guess who got Charley her new outfit??
Charley Bear got a very fitting jacket from the Musils. Nothing like a photo shoot in August with a warm jacket on! Thanks Musil family!!
The perfect picture to end the perfect visit! We love you Angie!!

Our busy streak continues this weekend as we head back to Nebraska to defend our Wangerball title. The REEEEECHEEEEE's are ready! Charlotte gets to spend Saturday with her Grammy Vicki and is so excited!

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