Thursday, August 5, 2010

Words of wisdom #2

When we brought Charlotte home from the hospital, I don't think that either Matt or I could really imagine how Maybe and Stella were going to react. Our predictions? Maybe would literally want to lick her to the point of suffocation. I could just see myself spending my maternity leave protecting her from our overly affectionate beagle! Stella on the other hand would probably be very timid and unsure of the new addition to the family.

Much to our surprise, BOTH pups are great with her. They sneak in their kisses from time to time, but nothing insane like we expected! Stella is quite curious about her and we can tell that she will be very protective of her. She likes to sniff out the bassinet to make sure that everything is ok.

Words of wisdom #2: Be nice to your puppies. They are the most loyal friends you'll ever have.

Stella is still a little cautious about getting "too close" so I don't have any pictures of them together. Here's a funny one of her though--she sits like a human!

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