Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little More Crazy

Hello all.  I just wanted to write a quick post to update on how things are going here.  To say that things have been crazy probably wouldn't do this time in our lives justice.  I can't quite explain "time" these days. On one hand I look at the calendar and wonder how it can possibly be August already.  On the other hand, I still have that dazed "time-standing-still" feeling a majority of the time.  Like I said in a previous post...I always thought it would be nice to have a little extra time in a day, but now that I have it, I have no clue what to do with it.

Summer here has been pretty quiet until recently.  During the week we work, Matt has tennis league and we both play sand volleyball.  Weekends typically consist of trips to Omaha (and we'll both admit that we are getting tired of 6 hours in the car every weekend.)   

This past weekend we went on a very quick trip to Indiana/Chicago to visit our friends/ex-neighbors the Lemons (actually its the Rickelmans but Rickelman quickly morphed into Rick Lemon which was then shortened to The Lemons.)  Anyway, they moved back that direction about a year ago and we were so excited to see them and their busy little boy James.  We were only there Friday-Sunday, but it was nice to get away from our "routine."  Saturday we spent the day in Chicago, enjoyed Matt's first Cubs game (they actually won!), ate some yummy deep dish pizza and went to the top of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.  It was a good trip, and a nice little break from routine. 

So.......awkward silence.......I've been trying to come up with a creative way to break this next piece of news, but my brain is too tired for creativity these days so I'll just come out and say it....

We sold our house.

We listed it back in mid-June and were told that the average time for houses in our price range to sell was 9-10 months.  Now here we are, not even 60 days later, packing up our belongings for an oh-so sudden closing date of September 1.  Holy cow.  

So, where do we go from here?  

We were lucky enough to find a nice little rental house on short notice.  When I say we were lucky, I mean that I'm pretty sure that God had our back on this deal.  Dogs kind of limit your rental options, and we managed to find a place that 1) allowed pets 2) had a fenced in yard 3) was available the exact day that we need it.  

I won't lie...its bittersweet.  This is Matt and my first home.  We watched it being built from the ground up.  We worked our butts off to get the outside as perfect as the inside.  We got engaged in the living room....the same room which I later told Matt that he was going to be a Daddy.  This is the only home that our Charlotte ever knew.  This is going to sound silly, but she LOVED this house (probably because she spent so much of her time on house arrest this past winter.)  When she was little (little-er I guess) we used to go back to Omaha to visit and she would just be "off"...not her normal, content self.  The minute we walked into our house...I kid you not...she would get the worlds biggest smile on her face.  She knew she was home.

Packing sucks.  I don't want to pack her things away.  I like her room as it is.  It makes me sick that we're taking it all down and have no reason to put it back up again.

Ok, I have to stop now.  I was doing good and now there are tears.

Please pray for us during this crazy, stressful, emotional time.  


  1. Kristen, always prayers for you!! Good night and hope that just knowing this "little old gal" is still up reading Emails will help you know Prayers are with you always from me.

  2. Praying for you! We think of you often.

  3. I can some what relate to moving, packing, and the unpacking. It is often exhausting, and rewarding as you discover things that you long forgot and travel down memory lane. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt as you head toward the next phase of your journey.