Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yummy in the Tummy

Charlotte LOVED to eat...

That may have been one of the funniest things that has ever come out of my mouth!
In reality eating most often resembled this...
(OK, so maybe not that bad)
But this is pretty spot on.  
Bottle + YouTube = MIRACLE!
(I'm totally ashamed that I have admitted this AND have a picture to prove it!)
I thought that for the 14th of this month I would take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what Charlotte liked to eat (and share some cute-as-pie pictures in the process).
Charlotte loved to smell cupcakes even before she knew they could be eaten.
Here she is dreaming of sweet cupcakes--Her Aunt Jessy and I bought them to celebrate the day that Charlotte hit TEN POUNDS!
She liked to eat Grandma Debbie's chocolate chip cookies...
and would give me crabby-pants looks when I took them away from her.
Speaking of cookies, Charlotte REALLY liked the Oreo that her Uncle Abe shared with her. 
 Chocolate cookies and chocolate filling!?  HELLO!  Whats not to like!
She liked Pez (or at least the Pez dispensers that she got the kids at daycare for Valentine's Day.)
She liked when PopPop would feed her whole slices of pizza.
Don't get me wrong, she liked "good for you" foods strawberries,
and carrots,
 and birthday cake!
I cried the day that she ate mac and cheese, peas, carrots and watermelon.
Charlotte liked to eat books,
and barrettes,
and the string from our blinds.
She loved the taste of bows at Christmas time
and wrapping paper, too!
She loved to eat crayons
and sometimes snuck a taste of a {clean} wipe or two.
Her main source of protein was duck
but sometimes she would switch it up a little and try pork....
Get it?  Piggies?  Pork?  
Charlotte was known to go into food comas after a big meal.  
 Just look at that big belly!
So yes, Charlotte loved to eat...what she wanted....when she wanted!

I'm betting that today she's opting for birthday cake.

Happy 16th month little girl.  
Mommy and Daddy love you all the way up to Heaven and back.


  1. Love ALL of these pictures!! Happy 16 months baby girl...

  2. You made me laugh and cry at the same time. That's talent.


    Jessica (Fitzpatrick) Anderson

  3. You're not only a phenomenal writer, your also a great photographer!!!! I LOVE that you have ALL these pictures of your little angel eating, chewing or sucking on SOMETHING.......even if it's in front of youtube!!!! Maybe I could use that theory with my boys! My mother-in-law told me yesterday that I should maybe take my boys to see a psycologist b/c they NEVER eat!! ;-)
    Hope all is well on the "west-side"!! Miss you!! Take care friend!!! ((HUGS))