Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Section "C" Under the Tree...

Yesterday Matt got a phone call at work letting him know that Charlotte's headstone had been placed earlier in the day.  Again, one of those out of the blue events that can change the course of your whole day.  One phone call is all that it takes.

When I visited the cemetary this past weekend there was only a patch of fresh grass marking the place where we laid our little girl to rest.  No stone, no temporary marker...just a patch of grass and a bouquet of flowers that I brought along with me. 

This weekend when we go back it will all be different.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.

A headstone is an in-your-face reminder of our reality.  Our baby girl died...

A headstone is permanent.  She's not coming back...

A headstone hurts more than I had prepared for. 



  1. Lindsey and I made a visit. It looks so nice. Glad you found a place under the oak tree.

  2. It's as beautiful as something like that can be, Kristen. <3 I just wish it didn't have to be.

    You guys are never far from my thoughts. . . or prayers.

    -Jessica (Fitzpatrick) Anderson