Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Checking...

So...I learned today that the "subscribe" function on this blog hasn't been sending out emails to alert people of new posts.  When we moved last week our email address changed, and I'm wondering if that little change threw things off some how.  Anyway, I've been fiddling around a little bit (I fully admit that I have no clue what I'm doing...hence calling it "fiddling.")  I hope that its straightened out now and that emails start going out.  For those of you who only check in when you get an email, you have likely missed out on 2 or 3 posts over the past week.

Thanks Mama for pointing that out to me!

And since I can't have a totally boring "Chuck-less" post, here's a picture of the little lady.  Its one of my favorites ever.  LOOK AT THOSE EYES AND LASHES!!!


  1. I love this picture!! And whatever you did, it worked. Got an email and saw your other posts. Had been thinking of you and the move last week. And I'm so with you on the handprints. Want you to know I am always praying for you -- Sometimes I'm not sure what to pray for so I just ask God to watch over you and help you with each day. Welcome to the "West Side" :)