Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Bumpin' {24 weeks}

24 weeks….WOWZA! When did that happen?

Things just keep on truckin’ away here. I’m feeling great (though starting feel a little more awkward!) and really don’t have much to complain of. I will say that I feel a lot more tired during this pregnancy, but I’m not sure if its baby-growing-related or just due to the fact that I haven’t been the greatest sleeper in general since last summer. If you were a fly on our wall you would probably get a good laugh watching me putting my socks on in the morning or Matt giving me the occasional boost off of the couch. By no means am I claiming to be crazy big at this point, but I’m starting to remember how much more “difficult” even the simple things become.

As for my monthly picture…I wanted to get a true comparison of my bump this time around versus when I was 24 weeks with Charlotte. What’s the best way to do that, you might ask? To wear the same shirt today that I did 2 years ago this day! (Yes…I realize that I’m a giant dork.) Anyway….here you go!

24 weeks with Chuck D. (I promise that this is the last headless picture!)

24 weeks with Mister Mister
Eek!  Maybe THIS is why I did it headless last time!  I look like one tired mama!

What do you think? Same? Bigger this go-round?  Higher? Time to get a new shirt?  Does my butt look bigger?  (You don't have to answer that!)

If you look at all of the crazy baby websites out there they will tell you that this little guy is approximately the length of an ear of corn or a foot-long Chicago dog....Lets just say he's a foot-long corn dog and call it good.  I can hardly wait to eat him up snuggle with him!

There you have it-- A quick update and some visual proof that there is, indeed, a little monster growing away in there. I have my 24 week check-up tomorrow and am hoping that it’s uneventful as always. The ice cream place near our house did open up this past week…so we’ll see what the old scale has to report!


  1. 1. You are adorable pregnant (ok, well all the time, but even moreso pregnant)
    2. You look higher this time
    3. You also look smaller this time around, how does that work with #2 I was definitely bigger!
    4. If my butt was your size, pregant or not, I would be flippin jumping for joy ;)

  2. I agree with everything said above, although I am feeling a little more bitter about your tiny size (just kidding!) Hope your appointment goes great.

    Hugs to you and baby bump,
    Amy and Madilynn St.Clair

  3. Cute!!! Hope you have a great check up tomorrow!

  4. Does my fat a$$ make my a$$ look fat? That is the question. Ice cream date this week?

  5. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! You're WAY TOO cute!!! Your bump is definitely higher & smaller, your "back bump"is definetly smaller....not that it was ever large by any means.......& your breastessis ..........well, are even a lil smaller!! ;-) Ha!! You look gorgeous KG!!!! We can't wait to meet Charley's liitle brother!!!!

  6. You look amazing, both times around!!