Friday, March 16, 2012

Natural Born Bluejay Fan

Just a super quick post to say GO JAYS!  Creighton plays their opening round NCAA Tournament game this afternoon and we're cheering them on in hopes for a round 2 game later this weekend.  Unfortunately, I am scheduled to teach this afternoon (BOO!) and my lecture falls at the exact same time as the game meaning that I won't get to watch...but I'm sporting my Creighton Blue and will likely be inappropriately checking the score on my phone throughout the class! 

Miss Charlotte was a Creighton Bluejay's fan right from the beginning! 
I'm guessing that in this picture she was having a dream that she was at a Creighton game and was doing 'the wave.'
 These socks make me smile...

Hope that you all have an awesome weekend and that the weather is as good where you are as it has been here lately.  Hard to believe that its been 70 degrees or above all South March!


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