Monday, March 5, 2012

Lord Help Me...I'm 30...

Little Miss Ritchie has a nice ring to it, but today I'm thinking about renaming the blog The Diary of an "Old" Crazy Lady.

-Old because I have officially entered the land of 30 year olds
-Crazy because as birthday wishes filled my inbox I found myself laughing one minute and in tears the next!

This birthday (or rather the days leading up to it) has been more difficult than I really anticipated.  I've been riding an emotional roller coaster for the past week or so and really wasn't prepared for it.  I would be totally fine one minute, and the next I would be all depressed, lying on the couch in the dark or hardly able to get words out of my mouth without bursting into tears.  Its been quite exhausting!  I initially blamed it on my whack-a-doo pregnancy hormones, but this weekend I made the connection to my big birthday milestone.  Its hard to explain - I'm not even going to try - but what it boils down to is that even "Happy" birthdays feel a little less happy without Charlotte here to brighten them.

So....this morning my alarm sounded and I welcomed in my 30s.  It could have been a ho-hum day, but thanks to ALL OF YOU, it really was a great day.

1 - I woke up this morning to an empty bed.  I initially thought that Matt had acted on his words and left me to find a "younger" model (I love you, babe) and ran off in the middle of the night, but it turns out that he had just snuck out to get me some Starbucks and some cinnamon rolls.  Pretty hard to beat that start!  

2 - All day long I received birthday wishes from friends and family...its amazing what a simple "Happy Birthday" message can do to a person's spirits.  People took the time out of their day to wish me a good day, even if it was only for a minute.  Thanks to all of you!

3 - I've always known that I work with some wonderful people, but today a group of my pharmacy co-workers surprised me with pizza and some yummy goodies.  They totally caught me off guard and I hope that they realize how much I appreciated it!  Huge thanks to them for pulling it all together and for some even coming in on their day off to wish me a happy day.  This group has been by my side through some pretty stressful and crappy times and I am so fortunate to have them in my life!  I don't think that everyone can say that about the people they work with!

4 - Mr. Matt wrapped up the day by bringing me home some Juice Stop, my newest pregnancy craving.  Mmmmmmm...

5 - I finally figured out how to transfer all of my pictures/videos from my old phone to my computer.  It has been sitting here just waiting for me to work on it for a few months, but today I finally got everything moved over.  My motivation?  I wanted to watch a video that I took on my phone LAST YEAR on my birthday.  Matt was playing in his Sunday volleyball league and I was at home with Charlotte, who had recently been discharged from the hospital (RSV).  We wanted to send her Daddy a message to let him know that we missed him!  Just hearing her little voice again was the ultimate gift!

So again, thank you all for making my birthday a special one.  Whether through a phone call, Facebook message or email...each birthday wish helped me through what could have been a very mopey day.  Biggest thanks to my hubby for sticking beside this "old" lady even when my crazy phases move in!

I think my thirties are off to a pretty good start.


  1. What a great video to have--her sweet little voice makes me smile! Love you, Erin

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend. {{{HUG}}}