Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Miss Muscles

In her short year here on Earth, Charlotte had approximately 14 billion pictures taken of her.  At the time I didn't realize how important those pictures would become and I am SO grateful for each and every one of them.  I love looking back through them and reflecting on all of the special moments that we had together...even though a majority of the time I end up sitting at the computer in a puddle of tears.

Every once in a while I will get an email from someone containing a picture that I have never seen before.  

I can't even describe how it feels to see a "NEW" picture of our little girl...

Last night while we were at dinner one such email popped into my inbox courtesy of the Queen of Picture Taking  (Charlotte's NamNam, Mary).   

Subject:  Oh yeah, look at my muscles!

I don't use the term LOL very often ever, but the minute this picture popped up on my phone I literally laughed out loud.  Seriously!  How cute is that little muscle lady!?!  I like to picture her saying something like "Take that CHD, I'll kick your butt!" or "You mess with my little brother, YOU MESS WITH ME!"

Oh baby girl...sometimes I can't even wrap my brain around how much I love you.

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  1. This is SO cute. I've actually come back and read this post 3 seperate times because this picture makes me laugh. <3 what a sweet girl <3