Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Months

Dear Charley,


You are growing and changing right before our eyes. It seems like you learn something new every single day.

Mommy and Daddy's FAVORITE thing that you did this past month was to give us your first giggle. You made Mommy work pretty hard for it, but it was SOOOO worth it. Let me tell you, Charley, that little noise coming from your cute little mouth just melts my heart. I think that I have watched the video we took about 100 times so far!

You are 100% fascinated by your two puppies, Maybe and Stella. You have always paid attention to them, but now you stare at them and smile when they are barking like naughty puppies. I even caught you with a fist full of Maybe's ear one morning. I'm not sure that she loved it...but I know that she loves you! Stella, too!

You have officially learned to "squak" for Mommy and Daddy's attention--especially when we are trying to eat dinner. As soon as we give you the attention you are looking for, that famous Charley grin lights up your face. Such a little stinker.

Like your Daddy, you are definitely a football junky. While I know that the Huskers and the Packers are your favorites to watch, you seem to enjoy watching the players from any team scramble around the field.

You have finally decided that eating is a good thing! Yes, we've had our stumbles along the way with food allergies, but you're eating better every day. You have tried a few different foods so far...homemade applesauce and avacado....(yes, avacado). At this pace you'll hit 13 pounds before we know it!

My precious baby girl, I hope that you had the greatest 5 month birthday. Your Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and can't wait for what the next 5 months have in store!


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