Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our little Charley Bear!

She was also a skeleton for daycare on Friday. Its not the greatest picture as it was from a cell phone, but you get the point! The little bones glow in the dark. Apparently all of the kids piled into the bathroom together and shut off of the lights so that they could look at "Baby Charlotte" glow!

There has been a huge lack of pictures recently as I forgot my camera in Omaha a few weeks back. My mom was up this weekend and returned it so I'll try to be generous with them this week!

Tomorrow (Monday) we have an appointment with Dr. Sami and an echo. I always get a little frazzled/paranoid as these visits approach, which I think is only natural. However, looking at that cute little teddy bear above, I have a hard time believing that we will get anything but good news! None the less...please keep little Charley in your prayers. Hopefully we'll have a fantastic update for you tomorrow sometime!

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  1. We will keep you guys in our prayers, too many times do I remember that same thought on our way to Dr. Sami's office.