Monday, October 25, 2010

Terrible Terrible Tummy Time

Two open heart surgeries in the span of 2 weeks.
A rib cage that was propped open for 3 days.
Sternal wires holding everything back in place.
A month on her back because of surgery and a wound vac.
Another couple of weeks of healing with daily dressing changes.

Add all of these things together and you get a 5 month old who struggles when placed on her belly. She usually lasts about a minute and then ends up with her face planted into the ground, barking out uncomfortable sounding sobs. She knows that she can just turn her head to the side, but she also knows that Mommy and Daddy are more likely to roll her back over if she tries to suffocate herself!

Tummy time has been a very slow going process in our house. Charlotte continues to build her strength and is lasting longer and longer. She will prop herself on her forearms for short periods of time, but definitely wouldn't choose to be placed that way!

So, getting to my point......

I put her on her belly tonight, totally expecting the same old routine.

Lay, lay, cry, roll her over.

Instead what I got was

Lay, lay, lay, look at some toys, ROLL OVER ON HER OWN!

She has never even made the slightest effort to begin rolling over to her back! She just pulled it out of nowhere and it didn't even seem to phase her!

GOOD GIRL CHARLEY!!! You are getting to be such a big girl! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

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  1. WONDERFUL! We had the same issue with tummy time and sadly...mommy never pushed the idea either. After her Glenn at 6 months, the therapists from Help Me Grow pushed me to try tummy time more often. She never really liked it and still doesn't really like it. She rarely rolls back to front, but she is doing pretty good otherwise. She just turned a year and I am thinking she will be walking in a few months. She is crawling all over the place, so she doesn't really think too much about walking. Charley is in my thoughts and prayers every day.