Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Week Full of Pictures {4}

This post was supposed to go up on Friday to complete my week of pictures, but apparently time got away from me.  Matt and I just got back from a great weekend with family in friends in Omaha and I wanted to get this post up before I forgot!  

Charlotte was a always a little peanut.  Maybe it was all of the coffee that was stunting her growth?  We all needed a little extra caffeine on cath mornings.
Sporty Spice.  She looked so stinkin' cute in her Nike sweats, tennis shoes and a ponytail!
There are not many things cuter than a baby fresh out of bed.  Here is Charlotte still in her jammies,  with crazy hair and eyes that are still a little squinty and trying to wake up.  Oh what I wouldn't give for some early morning snuggles.
I LOVE this picture.  Charlotte got slippers as a Christmas gift from daycare last year.  I put them on her  fully expecting that she would pull them off right away to get a better look at Pooh, but she was perfectly content with them on her feet.  And doesn't she have the cutest little profile??
This picture is actually from Matt's phone.  I didn't know that it even existed until about a month ago.  I love how she is resting her chin on her little hand....deep in thought.
And here it is.  The last phone picture that I ever took of our baby girl.  My eyes fill up with tears every time that I see it.  I hate knowing that its the last.  There will be no more.  It was a gloomy day the Saturday before Charlotte earned her wings and to get out of the house we decided to go for a walk at the mall.  While Daddy was checking out at the Gap, Charlotte and I played by a mirror.  I had her giggling pretty good, but she kept looking over toward Matt to see if he was watching!  

Sigh.  I miss her so much.


  1. She is a really beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing all of those pictures. I have enjoyed them every day this week. My 3 year old just said "oh, she is so cute!" :) I told him she has a special heart like Madison. My prayers are with you and your family.


  2. I also enjoyed this last week...I looked forward to looking at your pictures every day. And every time I did my heart was heavy. She was a precious little girl, Kristen.

  3. I have loved all of these adorable pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Thinking about you always!!!