Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week Full of Pictures {1}

The past week or so I’ve found myself watching Charlotte videos and looking through old pictures more often. They make me smile. They make me cry. But most of all they help me remember. I was going through pictures on my cell phone the other day over lunch and thought that it would be fun to share some of these memories with all of you. After all, cell phone pictures are those out of the blue, “crap I don’t have my camera” moments that often capture the best little moments. I’m struggling to find words lately (perhaps because life has been pretty uneventful)…so a week full of pictures might be a good mental break.

The medication that they had to give Charlotte to keep the duct in her heart open until surgery also has the side effect of making her "forget" to breathe.  I got a phone call in my hospital room one night telling me that they were going to intubate her due to some episodes of apnea...this is how i found her the next morning.  Cute little girl, cute little bow, pesky little tube.

Once we were moved to the recovery floor I got lots of snuggles in with my little lady!  This was the longest she had ever kept her eyes open.  I was taking a picture to send to Daddy in Sioux Falls and wouldn't you know, she decided to send some kisses his way!

Home sweet home!  Her socks in this picture crack me up.  She had such short little legs that even newborn socks looked like knee-high boots!

You may remember THIS post from Miss Crabby Pant's 2 month birthday.  I feel bad now calling her crabby because this was just shortly before we learned that she had a milk-soy protein intolerance.  Her little tummy had to be just miserable.  Anyway, Charlotte was either crying or puking for about 98% of the day and then finally collapsed on my lap all sprawled out like she was totally exhausted.  Speaking of exhausted...check out my face in this picture!

This one was taken about 10 minutes later.  All the stress of that day is forgotten when I look at this picture.  It might be one of my all-time favorites.  Tear...

I love my Mummy.  I don't think this one needs any other words.

Stay tuned....
More cell phone pictures to come tomorrow!

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